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SnoozeTabs and Pulse: New Experiments Coming to Firefox Test Pilot

wo, 22/02/2017 - 20:05

Since launching the new Firefox Test Pilot program in May 2016, we’ve debuted several experiments with the goal of finding browser features that users love and incorporating them into future versions of Firefox. Today, we’re continuing our efforts toward creating a more modern and better performing Firefox with two new Test Pilot experiments.


We’ve all been in that situation where your friend sends you a link to an interesting and lengthy article, but you’re too busy at the moment to take the time to read it. With SnoozeTabs, you can dismiss this article’s tab and set a time for when you want the tab to reappear. SnoozeTabs helps reduce clutter on your screen and in your bookmarks so you can focus on what matters right now.

Test Pilot SnoozeTabs

Snoozing a tab is simple. Just click the snooze icon in the top right corner and select from the dropdown menu when you’d like to be reminded. From here, you can also manage your snoozed tabs.

Test Pilot SnoozeTab #2

When the snooze is ended, the old tab will reappear with the snooze icon and alert you that the page is back. Sweet!


Pulse is a way for you to instantly send Firefox engineers your opinion on which sites work well in Firefox and which sites don’t. Just click on the pulse button in the bookmark bar and rate a site’s performance with one through five stars. By telling us how Firefox performed on a wide variety of sites, you will help us understand how Firefox is performing in general and also help our engineers understand where to focus their efforts to improve Firefox browser performance.

Test Pilot Pulse

Click on the new Pulse icon in the URL bar and you’ll be prompted to rate the website and answer a few questions – and help us make Firefox faster while you browse.

How to get started:

These Test Pilot experiments are available in English only. To activate Test Pilot and help us build the future of Firefox, visit

If you’ve experimented with Test Pilot features before, you know that you might run into some bugs or lose some of the polish in Firefox, so you can easily enable or disable features at any time.

Your feedback on these and the other Test Pilot experiments will help us determine what ultimately ends up in Firefox, so let us know what you think!

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U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Suspension of Immigration Executive Order

vr, 10/02/2017 - 01:38

We are pleased with today’s decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the District Court of Washington’s suspension of the U.S. Executive Order on immigration.

We believe today’s decision is a step in the right direction, but we expect legal proceedings will continue. There is more work to do on this issue, and what we said when we filed this legal brief remains true: The ability for individuals, and the ideas and expertise they carry with them, to travel across borders is central to the creation of the technologies and standards that power the open internet. We will continue to fight for more trust and transparency across organizations and borders to help protect the health of the internet and to nurture the innovation needed to advance the internet.

Photo:  Tim Evanson/Flickr

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Launching an Independent OpenNews Program

do, 09/02/2017 - 12:35

At Mozilla, one of our essential roles is convener: working to identify, connect and support like-minded people who are building a healthier Internet.

An early — and strong — example of that work is the OpenNews program. Six years ago, Mozilla and Knight Foundation created an initiative to combine open-source practices with journalism. Our aim: strengthen journalism on the open web, and empower newsroom developers, designers and data reporters across the globe.

The program flourished. Since 2011, OpenNews has placed 33 fellows in 19 newsrooms, from BBC and NPR to La Nacion and the New York Times. It built a global community of more than 1,100 developers and reporters. It spawned the annual SRCCON conference, bolstered newsroom diversity and gave way to innovative newsgathering tools like Tabula. OpenNews has also played a key role in building the annual MozFest in London and Mozilla’s nascent leadership network initiative.

Mozilla is immensely proud of OpenNews — and immensely grateful to the team behind its success. And today, we’re announcing  that OpenNews is spinning out as  an independent organization. Going forward, OpenNews — with the support of nonprofit fiscal partner Community Partners — will build on the success it achieved when incubated at Mozilla. OpenNews will continue to play an active role in MozFest and Mozilla’s leadership network.

Mozilla isn’t departing the realm of journalism and media — they will remain central topics as we develop Mozilla’s Internet Health strategy over the coming years. MozFest will increasingly focus on issues like fake news, online harassment and advertising economics. This will be bolstered by Mozilla’s involvement in events like MisInfoCon in Boston later this month, where Mozilla is a sponsor and participant. On the technology front, we’ll continue to host the Coral project, which builds platforms that increase trust and engagement. We see news and media as key to our nascent Mozilla Leadership Network — and to our growing Internet health agenda.

As we chart a course forward in this work, we will be reaching out to the community to talk more specifically about where Mozilla should focus its efforts in the news and media space. If you want us to reach out to you as part of this conversation, please contact Mozilla’s Chris Lawrence at

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